Imbibe & Pure: All About Our Suppliers

February 22, 2019
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Welcome to Catalyst’s first blog post! We have a lot planned for the coming months and want to document as much of our progress as we can through articles here on our website. This is where you will find interesting reads on all things Catalyst. This week we are going to start with a background on our amazing coffee suppliers, so you guys can know a little bit more about where that great Catalyst taste comes from.


Imbibe Coffee Roasters are a sustainable speciality coffee roastery based in Dolphins Barn, Dublin 8. This incredible company has been with us since we first started on the Florence Road in early 2019. We are lucky enough to now be one of their main stockists amongst other great cafes and restaurants across the country.

When starting out, the team at Imbibe knew they wanted to be a company that focused on more than just roasting great speciality coffee. This local roastery brings competition standard coffee from all around the world back home to Ireland. As some of you may know, coffee production is an industry that often sees labour exploitation and environmental degradation. Imbibe challenge this with 90 per cent of their production being organic. Following the “Conscious Capitalism” system, Imbibe attempts to be as ethical as possible in all aspects of running their business. In other words, everyone gets looked after!

Imbibe are big zero waste advocates. After our cans of beans have been emptied from all of your coffee orders, Imbibe collect, clean and refill the coffee cans. When purchasing from Imbibe you can be sure what you spend is reaching every aspect of the products production. 1%of the company’s turnover is donated to Women’s Aid, 1% to projects at the coffee’s origin and a further 1% is shared among Imbibe’s staff.


Pure Coffee was born from pure passion. In January 2020, two Wicklow locals decided it was time to put their passions to work and began roasting coffee down the road in Kilcoole. Here at Catalyst, we use Pure's delicious beans in your black coffee orders.

Much like Imbibe, Pure care about the production of their coffee and attempt to be as eco and ethically conscious as possible. They have adopted a sustainable system when making wholesale deliveries, using fully recyclable drums to store and transport their product.

Working with local Irish businesses is something particularly important to Pure. With each stage of the business’ growth, Pure have made it a priority to support local and build connections with other Irish business owners. Pure are selective with the cafes they work with, ensuring their coffee is being left in good hands everywhere it is sold. Their aim is to work with people who hold the same standards and share the same passion for coffee that they do. We are honoured here at Catalyst to be one of their main stockists.

Our friends at Pure source their beans from an Irish supplier who is familiar with some of the best coffee origins in the world. Last year our customers were served tasty Brazilian, Ethiopian, and Guatemalan origin coffee. Stay tuned though guys, this year the team at Pure plan to bring new origins to our doors!

Check out the Imbibe and Pure retail products we have in stock here.

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