Cold Brew Vs. Iced Coffee

March 30, 2021
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As the warm weather starts to creep in, so do the summer drinks and there are only two things on our caffeinated minds - Cold Brew and Iced Coffee. We get questions all the time about the differences between the two, so we thought it was best to pop it in a blog post to give you all some extra info. 

The differences vary from flavour to brewing technique, caffeine and acidity.

Brewing Methods 

Cold Brew is made by steeping coffee beans in cold or room-temperature water for at least 12 hours. Steeping the coffee beans extracts the coffee’s oils, sugars and caffeine, which results in a lower acidity and smoother, sweet taste. 

Once it’s done soaking, the grounds are filtered out, leaving a coffee concentrate that can be served hot or cold, with milk or water or served over ice. 

Iced Coffee uses hot water to extract flavour, resulting in a hot cup of coffee, which is then poured over ice. The ice creates a refreshing and thinner tasting coffee. 

Top Tip For Iced Coffee 

The ice can often dilute the coffee, so make your iced coffee extra strong by doubling the amount of ground coffee or make coffee ice cubes. Pour cooled coffee into an ice cube tray, freeze and use for your next cup of iced coffee. 

Flavour & Acidity 

Cold Brew contains half the acidity of a normal cup of coffee, resulting in a better taste that is easier on the stomach. The end product is smooth and bold.

Iced Coffee provides a thinner taste due to the melting ice. 


Cold Brew can be served hot or cold, with a splash of milk. If you are after a bold taste you can add ice and water to dilute the cold brew or drink it straight. If you are after a sweeter taste, you can add honey or other sweeteners for some extra flavour. 

Cold Brew can also be served hot, plus heating your cold brew will not change the flavour. Before heating your cold brew, dilute it with either water or milk. Then, pour the mix into a pot and heat it on the hob until it reaches the desired temperature and enjoy!

Iced Coffee can be served over ice, with a splash of milk. Pop a straw in and Bob’s your uncle! 

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