October 6, 2021
6 Irish Brands Focusing On Sustainability

The first of many posts highlighting Irish brands that are leading the way in sustainability.

There are always new trends popping up but the most important trend is happening now: sustainability. We are all starting to wake up to the fact that preferences have changed and we now want more sustainable and eco-friendly products.

We want to highlight 6 Irish brands that are grabbing the bull by the horns and leading the way in sustainable clothing and retail. This blog post will be the first of many in this series to highlight growing Irish brands, so stay tuned by signing up to our newsletter.

Virtue Brush

Virtue Brush are “creating a more Sustainable World one brush at a time”. They are a plastic free personal care brand focused on helping people reduce their plastic footprint and they are doing a fantastic job!

Their products range from Bamboo Toothbrushes to Whitening Powder and are super affordable.

Virtue Brush have partnered with a not-for-profit organisation called “Trees for the Future” and pledge to plant three trees per Virtue Brush sold online and one tree per brush sold in retail shops.

We are a proud stockist of Virtue Brush, so you can grab yours online or in store on Florence Road and at the Seafront.

Three Hills Soap

Three Hills Soap is dedicated to creating high quality, healthy and effective skin and hair care products that will not only make your skin feel great but they are also kind to the planet.

Their products are manufactured in Meath and are biodegradable, natural, packed minimally, cruelty free and 100% vegan.

They have a variety of personal care products like natural lip balm, deodorant cream and solid shampoo and conditioner.

Lilly’s Eco Clean

Lilly’s Eco Clean is a range of all natural household cleaning products designed to clean everything from toilets to dishes!

The brand was born when Lilly had fallen ill due to the toxic chemicals in conventional cleaning products, from there she began making her own cleaning products and her health improved rapidly!

Lilly also provides 5 litre value refill bottles which is another small step we can all adopt to live more sustainably.

Find Lilly’s Eco Clean in store on Florence Road and at the Seafront.


Grown is an organic Irish clothing brand born in 2014. They ensure their clothes are made using the highest possible ethical standards, regardless of the cost to the business. They use cotton, linen, hemp and man-made fibres to produce their range of men's’, women’s and kids clothing.

Wild Rose Botanicals

Wild Rose Botanicals offers a range of all natural beauty products that are handmade in Ireland by husband and wife, Rob and Rachel.

Their products are handcrafted using natural and organic products and are 100% vegan. Their brand allows you to find products that are beneficial and beautiful without the harsh chemicals we find in standard beauty products.

Ruth’s Palm Free

Ruth’s Palm Free is a range of rainforest friendly body care products, handmade in Dublin.

The range includes cleansing spray, vegan lip balm and natural soap. Ruth's vegan lip balm is available in store and on our website.

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