5 Coffee Myths Debunked

April 9, 2021
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Coffee is everywhere and with that, misinformation about it is everywhere too. We wanted to set the record straight on some coffee myths you may have heard before. 

Myth: Coffee Dehydrates You

Coffee, as we all know, will make you wee so it can dehydrate you. BUT, coffee is brewed with water! The water that goes into your coffee actually combats the dehydrating effects of caffeine. We don’t suggest relying on your cups of coffee for water intake though, definitely keep your Catalyst Chilly’s bottle with you! 

Myth: Coffee Will Cause Insomnia 

Yes, coffee keeps us alert but it is actually flushed out of the system within 4-7 hours, so if you decide to drink your coffee mid-day, it should be out of your system by bedtime. 

How your cup of coffee affects your sleep also depends on your caffeine tolerance. 

Myth: Decaf Is Caffeine Free

It is actually impossible to fully decaffeinate coffee beans, only to reduce the amount. So, your cup of decaf will usually contain about 15% of the caffeine you would get in your average cup of coffee.

Myth: Caffeine Will Sober You Up 

Caffeine is a stimulant so it will increase alertness, attention and concentration which may trick you into feeling sober but it will not sober you up. We recommend sticking to water after your cans, you’ll feel better in the morning. 

Myth: Darker Roast Coffee Is More Caffeinated 

This is a common misunderstanding about coffee. However, it isn’t always the case. The roasting process that gives coffee beans their dark colour actually burns away a lot of caffeine. So if you’re looking for coffee that will give you a good buzz, you may want to go for a lighter bean. 

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