Our Mission


As Nathan is on the Biodiversity Bray committee, we are now involved with Bray Tree Week every year. We became involved first in 2020 where Biodiversity Bray planted 1,000 trees in 2020 alone, up from 500 trees in 2019. The goal of Biodiversity is to plant 35,000 - 40,000 trees in total in Bray, 1 for every person who lives here. We plant a mix of native trees such as birch, oak, alder, hazel and mountain ash. We plant these trees in local spots with permission from authorities in places like Bray Head, Bray golf course, Loreto Bray and Pres College Bray. We buy these trees with the help of sponsors from local businesses like Catalyst. Bray Tree Week takes place in November every year as this is the best time to plant trees as the soil is still warm from the summer months and it gives the tree time to establish its roots so that when the next warmer months come along, the tree is ready to grow.


Over the years we have been involved in many beach clean ups to help keep the Bray beach tidy. Our council does a great job keeping the beach clean but as it's an extremely busy beach with many events going on throughout the year and especially in the summer we have the likes of Bray summer fest, Bray Air Show and Firework display we have thousands of people around the country flood into Bray. We take a huge amount of pride in our town and when we get a chance to do a lap of the beach and help clean up, we do. We have done beach clean ups with groups like Sea Life Bray and Clean Coasts, but when it's needed we go out on our own accord.

Our Mission
Our Mission


Over the last couple of years we have been asked to speak to schools and students about sustainability and business. We gave our first talk to Loreto Bray students in their school about climate change and business and how we can all make small changes that make a big difference. Nathan has also given students from Educate Together Bray a tour of our production site in Bray for their food science module, where he discussed setting up a business, food safety and running a food business. Here the students got to see behind the scenes, how we operate with food, the process of making kombucha etc. Nathan has also given the 6th year students of Loreto Bray a tour of the production site as part of their LCVP links module. Again, they were given a tour of the facility and a behind the scene look at the process of fermentation, creation of products made off site and what comes with having a production kitchen (food safety, systems in place, legality). 


Over the years we have sponsored many local teams and people, from local football teams to MMA fighters. We are extremely proud of everyone we have had the pleasure of sponsoring.  We have sponsored Woodbrook College football team, MMA fighter Mario Di Tofano and of course our boys in black and good friends at Boghall Rovers. We believe in supporting our local clubs