This is us in a nutshell.
Eco-friendly café with a focus on sustainable retail, good craic and
specialty coffee.

Be The Catalyst
Working together to promote a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle for you and the environment.

In its simplest definition, a catalyst is an enzyme used to facilitate a change or reaction.

We set out to be this change or reaction in our local community. Bringing energy, life and a greener outlook to beautiful Bray.

We have always strived to provide our customers with the best service, quality food and specialty coffee.

Catalyst to us is a community, a space where people can come to chat, spread ideas and learn more about sustainable living.

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We are proud to say that Catalyst Coffee is now located in two locations in our beautiful hometown of Bray. Our first shop is located on 23 Florence Road and is where it all started. Back in 2019, we opened Florence Road with a dream: to create a space where specialty coffee can meet sustainable retail in hope of inspiring others towards a more eco-conscious way of living. Community building has always been important in our ethos.

In early 2020, our sister brand One14 was born. She may be small, but she is one off the best spots around for your dose of specialty coffee and home-brew retail. The summer of 2020 was our most exciting yet with the opening of our 3rd location; Catalyst Café. With support from our amazing neighbours in Platform Pizza and Box Burger, we were first given the opportunity to open a pop-up. We started with just a coffee machine and some savage chunes, by the end of the summer we had built a whole catalyst community. In September, after months of building planning and some great craic, we moved into 7 Strand Road and opened our Café. It's safe to say we have found another home here on Bray beach, all thanks to our amazing staff and customers.

We serve great speciality coffee from Imbibe Coffee Roasters along with a selection of plant-based treats. Recently we have expanded our range of food offerings to include whopper porridge, tasty toasts and other delicious plant-based foods. Always keep an eye out for new additions to our menu!

Community building has always been important in our ethos. We often host gigs and events to highlight local artists and creatives. We hope to be hosting more events like these very soon.

"This place was recommended to us by a friend while out walking in Bray. The staff were very polite, and welcoming. The coffee quality was outstanding and price was very reasonable for what you ordered. Ideal location to just pop in on your way down to the beach."

Specialty coffee, food and drinks from our three stores.

Sit Down & Eat

Mouthwatering meals for the whole family to choose from, available at our beach café.

Sustainable Products

High quality, eco-friendly products on sale online and in-store at Florence Road.